Xyron EZ Laminator

The easiest way to laminate!



Xyron EZ Laminator

The Xyron EZLaminator coldseal laminator is the best desktop laminating machine on the market. This little machine has been around the trusted name in desktop lamination for years. The Xyron EZ Laminator is 9 inches wide and uses no heat, batteries or electricity to use. No more pouches or waiting for a machine to warm up. Just walk up to your machine lay your item down on the input tray, trunt the handle and trim. It's so easy anone can do it!



The Xyron EZ Laminator (AKA: ezLaminator Plus, EZ Laminator 2001)

Xyron ezLaminator Desktop Laminating Machine
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Technical Specifications:



 Operational Width 9 inches (22.9 cm)
 Cartridge Included

15 foot two-sided laminate

 Weight 5.51 lbs
 Dimensions (W x H x L)  13.5 x 7in x 8in
 Power Requirement  None


Click Here to download the Xyron EZ Laminator User Manual.

EZ Laminator User Guide