Xyron EZ Laminator

The easiest way to laminate!



Xyron EZ Laminator

The Xyron EZLaminator is the best desk top laminator you can buy. It is easy to use, portable, light weight and it uses NO electricity.

The Xyron EZLaminator is the perfect laminating solution for your office, school and home. Xyron's patented easy loading cartridge offers you all of the flexibility and qualities you have come to expect from Xyron without heat, electricity or batteries. The ezLaminator gives you the ability to effortlessly apply lamination to all your documents or projects.

The EZ Laminator and EZ Laminator Plus use state of the art Xyron Technology. This allows you to use your laminator at the spur of the moment. No need to wait for it to warm up. Unlike other desktop laminating machines this cold laminator is always ready when you are. The Xyron EZ Laminator also uses an acid free adhesive based laminate so all of your precious pictures and important documents are protected for years to come. 

When you receive your Xyron ezLaminator your will get a 9 inch Xyron lamination machine and a 15 foot long two-sided lamination cartridge. No heat, No batteries, No electricity required!

How to use the Xyron ezLaminator

 ezLaminator Instructions

 With its basic operation as easy as 1-2-3!

1. Insert  Place item in to the mouth of the ezLaminator.

2. Turn  Gently guide the item forward while slowly turning the handle (knob) clockwise until your item comes out the back of the machine.

 3. Trim  Press down on the cut blade and slide it to the left or right to cut.

NOTE: For a smooth cut make sure your finger is at the back of the cut blade holder.

We think you will agree the Xyron EZLaminator is the easiest laminator you've ever used.